Audio Training

Do you serve at (or attend) a church where you believe that the sound could be better?

We have experienced it all too often...

  • feedback that won't go away
  • musicians that are playing or singing but you can't hear
  • sound that is muddy and bland
  • volume that is inappropriate for the venue
  • mics that aren't turned on at the correct time
  • a sound person that is inapproachable 

Do you have awesome audio volunteers that have hearts of gold but no real training or knowledge to help them run the church sound system with proficiency and skill?

Do you worry that your church doesn't have the budget to provide training for members of the sound/audio team?

Do your sound volunteers feel like they don't have time to get equipped?

The solution is totally accessible. The solution is inexpensive.
The solution will change your church for the better.
The solution is here!

The solution is online training.
Live (not a recorded webinar).
This training will provide building blocks and tools to take your audio team to the next level of professionalism and quality sound.

The training will soon be accessible via a link from this webpage, but for now you can get to it by clicking here and contacting Steve directly.